I hosted this mirror as the original dev-docs site was going offline for days or weeks at a time for a year.
I never made my copy official, but people found the mirror and used it and were appreciative as the original site appeared to be gone for good.

I had re-linked my pages to my own mirror as I used a lot of links to the now lost devdocs site as a lot of my pages were just a mess.
Since then the original site has come back and I wasn't going to undo my work and thought it would make more sense to keep my mirror updated.

I asked Lonny if he would consider uploading to my server to keep my copy updated. He wasn't interested and said "I am on my own if I want to do a mirror".
So I wrote a script to keep my copy updated which seemed to work fine firstly. It had only been active for a few hours but seemed to be working fine.

I then realised I did not have the search scripts, so I asked Lonny if he could help out or give some information on how it works, but no go there either he "didn't want to support it".
So I wrote my own search script the best I could, and I also added the site was a mirror to prevent confusion. Site seemed to be working fine at that point.

I since got a rather insulting email from Lonny..

Could you remove the broken mirror or at the very least modify the site so it states that its a mirror with a link to the original?
I agree with Mikro the site is confusing to visitors. The contact page is broken, yet you managed to clone the latest credits page. The search field don't work at all. I put a lot of time into devdocs over the years and your mirror is, well frankly, terrible.

So Lonny must have made some changes to the site (my script updated every few hours) and it broke my script and the site. Considering my script had only been running for a few hours I am not surprised something broke early on, it was under testing!

Considering Lonny didn't care to support a mirror, he was very quick to complain the mirror was broken, which is a joke as he refused every step of the way to help, so what does he expect ?! He complains search is broken after I asked for help and he refused!!??

I read elsewhere that I refused to link to the original site, total BS, I never refused to do anything, I only asked for help, and got nothing ! Now I see lots of abuse directed towards myself! , and yet somehow I am the one being a "dick" ? Geeze.

So yet again I am forced into a impossible "no win" situation with people, which makes me very angry indeed. So my copy is gone as I am sick and tired of all this BS with people and sure won't be trying to preserve any websites in the future.